Monthly Archives: October 2011

   Anyone that lives near an area that has skunks in residence knows the fear of these black and white “cats” aka pole cats, I swear my dog thinks it is just another cat.

 It is again that time of the year, the black and white neighbors seem to be most pesky in spring and fall, and even if you take the precautions to keep these critters away, you too could fall victim to these critters.

 He knows what a cat is from our neighbor who has cats, and on occasion he has paid them some attention, but unlike the neighbors cat, the skunks dont run from him, they spray, far and wide.

 Friday morning I am awakened at 4:15 am, “Honey get up and dressed, hurry” ok in my daze I am thinking there is a fire or something else, the next words are the chiller, “Hogan was sprayed by a skunk”

 Thus began my day, did I mention I HATE skunk smell?

 Next step I have to begin the process of getting the smell OFF him.

Their are a number of things that you will need and I will give you the recipe of needed ingredients first then the order you will need to use them.

Bottle of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, Coke classic (not diet or other generics, only the high octane coke will work for this), dawn dish soap, ash ( from fireplace is fine). Scent removal shampoo for final clean up and last step.

I will take you step by step how I took care of this, mind you this is the 4th time I have had to do this so it doesnt take me long, but the first time it took me over an hour to do this, also that experience was with another dog that was not into getting a bath esp. when it is cold and snowy outside.

Open 6 cans of Coke and doused the dog from nose to tale, if your dog is larger you may need more coke, but Hogan is a lab/boxer mix and of medium size, and short haired also makes this easier, once he was soaked to skin with coke, I covered him in ash being sure to work the ash into his coat down to his skin.

I let that sit on him for a few minutes (5-10 is best) while I open 6 more cans of Coke, I rinse the ash from him with the coke.

I attempt all the way through this to not let him shake the items off as I apply one after the other.

Next mix 1 small box of baking soda, 1 standard bottle of peroxide and a good squirt of Dawn, this is again a name brand thing, I use it all the time as a degreaser for laundry too so I dont have to buy it for only this. 

Mix these 3 items with some warm water to be a thin paste, I pour this onto Hogan from head to tail to be sure to get his under belly, chin, again I let this soak into his coat for another 5-10 minutes.

I now use the scent killer shampoo to lather him up with the paste, and a little added water, yes I use a lot of this shampoo, on Friday I opened a new bottle, and used about half to soap him up.

The rinse part is last, if you can use a hose this is easier, but since it was cool outside and I was attempting to make him comfortable my husband and son carted buckets of warm water to have me use to pour by the cupful over him to attempt to rinse all the soap off of him.

I dont know if it is just Hogan but he seems to be sprayed in the face, so he tends to also have the skunk scent in his mouth as well, this can be hendled by adding a few capfuls of hydrogen peroxide to the water, if you add too much you run the risk of giving them an upset stomach, but if you only put a capful added to about 1/2 gallon of water. It will not be an immediate cure, but it will help with a little time.

For any of you that have to use the above to clean your, I am sorry, I can only hope that you do not have the wake up that I had.