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Well today was my last day of the hunting vacation, the guests of honor (deer on the hoof) decided to show up, 3 does, only problem was it was after legal shooting light, I watched them and really wished they had come in just a little earlier, but it was not to be.

I am lucky in many ways, I have had a long week of enjoying the outdoors, except for the 1 day it was too windy to get into the stand, and another it was raining too hard for the deer to be moving.

I have pics on our game camera’s I know they are in the area, but not during the hours that are allowed to hunt, mostly 3 or 4am for the most part.

The few daylight pics that we have had are rare, and they were very sparatic to say the least.

Now it seems that the rut is just starting and with the gun deer season starting on Saturday, I will be out in the stands again this weekend, I can only hope that I get one soon.

I think my husband is getting tired of only hunting certain stands, he is such a sweetheart he wants me to get a deer so badly that he doesnt hunt near my main stand just so that I get first crack at any deer on our property.

My son is also in on the plan he has a stand close to my main stand and he has only sat in it once all season, and that was WAY early in the season.

Everyone is positive that I will get a deer this year, and in all honesty this year has been odd, the weather this Oct. and Nov. have been unusually warm for this time of the year, add in the amount of rain we had in Oct. and that serves up a rotten bowhunting season, at least here in our corner of the state.

I have heard from other hunters throughout Wisconsin and it seems that most people have had the same results, that there are few sightings of deer when they are in the stands.

To all the hunters out there, my sightings of those deer give me hope that they really will be there one of these days when we are out in the stands. Good Luck to you all, and to our family as well.


Today was not my day again, I think someone called Mother Nature and told her to give me rotten weather that I could not or would not hunt in, Ok mom I know you sent a message to the deer at the opening of the bow season, you can take it back now.

Today was warm, it would have been nice for hunting as for comfort, but the winds were suppose to be high, guess what when I decided that since the winds werent too bad I would go out, well they picked up, so with 40 mph gusts, I like to keep my feet on the ground.

I always have a plan B, today was to make chicken and dumplings, made extra meat no veggies, made a big pot and there are no dumplings left, but half pot of chicken and stock still left, so we will have left overs for Monday night.

The house is mostly cleaned as well, a good deep clean, almost all the wood is treated, and cracks and crevices are cleaned, yahoo.

I have 3 more days left of my vacation and from the looks of it I should have a at least 2 of those if not all 3 to hunt in, just a matter of getting the deer to come in, of which I have a new call that I have that I will be using this week.

It seems that we are about a week behind the rest of the State, my Mother who is in Madison Area says that they have had lots of movement the deer here are not really running as much as they say they should be.

The bucks necks are not full like they usually are when they are in full rut, oh well maybe I will get lucky in the next 3 days, anyone who would like to say a prayer for me to get a deer this week I can use all the help I can get.

Once I get the first deer, hopefully everyone else in my family will get at least one as well, I know they have not been hunting as hard as normal since they want me to really get a deer this year, I know they want me to get one, but I would really like to get some deer in the freezer, right now I really dont care who gets the deer but we really need to start filling the freezers.

When I was reviewing the articles to link to my blog tonight, I found this one; As I do dis-agree with blocking bowhunting in WI, for rather obvious reasons, I have posted a comment to their blog, but I thought you should know that there are people that do not believe that we should bowhunt in WI, I would ask them what would be better to live off the land that God has provided us, or to allow these deer to die an ugly death due to over-population.

I have spent most my life in and around Madison, WI.

Now that I have that confession off my chest, lets proceed, I have family that used to have a farm in New Holstein WI, and I spent nearly every summer there, not for a punishment but to give my dad a break from me, I think ?? ok I hope?? ok maybe not, ok going on.

Ok I liked going to the farm, I didn’t like the letter writing I had to do either, we didn’t have the computers when I was a kid, if we had I may have been better about that. But I spent my day’s swimming in the creek, running in fields with the cows, yes cleaning my feet from the leftovers from the cows as well.

I learned to bake, and cook, and cook some more, and talk about eating, oh man I tell you the spreads that they used to have on the table for lunch, beef & pork roast, vegetables, gravy and LOTS of caloric intake, funny I would lose weight, be “brown as a berry” that never made sense to me cause if a berry is brown hasn’t it gone bad?? ok I am off the track again.

Believe it or not I would show up at the farm a chunky girl and when I went home I would weigh more but be thinner, by evidenced by my being able to wear clothes that would be too tight in a few weeks after my return.

We bale hay, did lots of work, I learned to milk the cows, and even drive a little when my great Aunts couldn’t see my Uncle John let me in the seat for my lessons, oh those were the days.

Days of no bills, not worrying about the things us grown-ups are told are important for us to do.

I worked in the city, lived in the city, and really did like the city for many years, I lived in the cities suburbs for years, preferring the quite that escapes those in the city on a nightly basis.

Years pass, I do the normal, ok normal for me, have a couple of kids, have a couple of marriages, basically live, survive.

In the time that passes I find my current and final husband, who just happens to be my best friend, for those of you that ask if a friend really could be your spouse, yes, it has been great.

When we got together he had another love, it came around every year and it involved some pretty does, and I am being very literal here, does as in the 4 legged kind, furry, venison.

I never planned to be a hunter, nor a hunters wife, but it seems that my family history seems to have served me well, I can cape a deer, as well as 1/4 it and butcher like I was trained, which I never was formally. I think it was in my blood, since my Grandfather was a butcher by trade.

Now I not only am the family butcher, I am also a “huntress” yup I hunt now too, at times I miss the quite time when I was left alone at home to cook dinner, clean, and all that kind of stuff, and I was warm in the house, now I freeze with the men to have a chance to see a deer let alone have one come close enough to get a shot off.

Oh I should also explain I don’t hunt with a gun, I hunt with a bow, that means those deer need to be closer to be able to shoot one, and so far they havent gotten that close to me, everyone else in my household has at least one deer to their belt, but supposedly this is my year.

I hope so, it would be nice I could for once butcher my own deer this year, I have seen pictures of some of the deer that hunters have seen or killed this year, none from our household, but from shows I watch, as well as news reports and my Facebook friends.

Personally I am not greedy I don’t care what it is doe, buck, yearling, anything that comes within my 25 yd shooting distance and I can get a clean and ethical shot, it will be mine…. I hope, and pray, and hope some more and pray a whole lot more.

Anyone who has better tips for me for hunting or keeping warm while hunting I am ready willing and able to try almost anything.