Day 4 of Vacation – My Quest for Deer on Vacation

Today was not my day again, I think someone called Mother Nature and told her to give me rotten weather that I could not or would not hunt in, Ok mom I know you sent a message to the deer at the opening of the bow season, you can take it back now.

Today was warm, it would have been nice for hunting as for comfort, but the winds were suppose to be high, guess what when I decided that since the winds werent too bad I would go out, well they picked up, so with 40 mph gusts, I like to keep my feet on the ground.

I always have a plan B, today was to make chicken and dumplings, made extra meat no veggies, made a big pot and there are no dumplings left, but half pot of chicken and stock still left, so we will have left overs for Monday night.

The house is mostly cleaned as well, a good deep clean, almost all the wood is treated, and cracks and crevices are cleaned, yahoo.

I have 3 more days left of my vacation and from the looks of it I should have a at least 2 of those if not all 3 to hunt in, just a matter of getting the deer to come in, of which I have a new call that I have that I will be using this week.

It seems that we are about a week behind the rest of the State, my Mother who is in Madison Area says that they have had lots of movement the deer here are not really running as much as they say they should be.

The bucks necks are not full like they usually are when they are in full rut, oh well maybe I will get lucky in the next 3 days, anyone who would like to say a prayer for me to get a deer this week I can use all the help I can get.

Once I get the first deer, hopefully everyone else in my family will get at least one as well, I know they have not been hunting as hard as normal since they want me to really get a deer this year, I know they want me to get one, but I would really like to get some deer in the freezer, right now I really dont care who gets the deer but we really need to start filling the freezers.

When I was reviewing the articles to link to my blog tonight, I found this one; As I do dis-agree with blocking bowhunting in WI, for rather obvious reasons, I have posted a comment to their blog, but I thought you should know that there are people that do not believe that we should bowhunt in WI, I would ask them what would be better to live off the land that God has provided us, or to allow these deer to die an ugly death due to over-population.

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