Last day of vacation, ready to hunt, invited guests never show up

Well today was my last day of the hunting vacation, the guests of honor (deer on the hoof) decided to show up, 3 does, only problem was it was after legal shooting light, I watched them and really wished they had come in just a little earlier, but it was not to be.

I am lucky in many ways, I have had a long week of enjoying the outdoors, except for the 1 day it was too windy to get into the stand, and another it was raining too hard for the deer to be moving.

I have pics on our game camera’s I know they are in the area, but not during the hours that are allowed to hunt, mostly 3 or 4am for the most part.

The few daylight pics that we have had are rare, and they were very sparatic to say the least.

Now it seems that the rut is just starting and with the gun deer season starting on Saturday, I will be out in the stands again this weekend, I can only hope that I get one soon.

I think my husband is getting tired of only hunting certain stands, he is such a sweetheart he wants me to get a deer so badly that he doesnt hunt near my main stand just so that I get first crack at any deer on our property.

My son is also in on the plan he has a stand close to my main stand and he has only sat in it once all season, and that was WAY early in the season.

Everyone is positive that I will get a deer this year, and in all honesty this year has been odd, the weather this Oct. and Nov. have been unusually warm for this time of the year, add in the amount of rain we had in Oct. and that serves up a rotten bowhunting season, at least here in our corner of the state.

I have heard from other hunters throughout Wisconsin and it seems that most people have had the same results, that there are few sightings of deer when they are in the stands.

To all the hunters out there, my sightings of those deer give me hope that they really will be there one of these days when we are out in the stands. Good Luck to you all, and to our family as well.


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