Half-hiemers, yup that is official today, I think

Ok first thing I have to admit to; I am officially middle age, at least where I always thought middle age was; do I feel it? Kind of, today I am officially 45 so what does that mean to us anyways?

Well first that means I am almost 1/2 century old, that means I have a better appreciation for those that are older than me and I used to think they were really old, mind you I was a teen and they were (gasp) in their 40’s.

Funny how the passage of time gives one a better perception of what is important, and with that a feeling that there is little to nothing anyone can do to stop the passage of time.

A blogging friend of mine has a very interesting blog today, “How the Brain starts going downhill at 45…” yeah I thought it was fairly important that the scientists have now figured out that along with the passage of time that I am going to somehow lose my brains faster cause now I am 45, glad my hubby doesn’t see my blog, he would for sure comment on that comment, something along the lines of “you lost that a long time ago honey” He can say that but since he is 7 years older than I am, yeah I have a come back for that one.

I am pretty safe all in all, the only people I have to be concerned with saying anything is my blogosphere and face book, yeah I cross post so they will see this, but more than likely the only one to comment would probably be my mom :-), on that note, Mom be nice, I haven’t brought up anything bad for you, except of course you could take something from my telling people how old I am but I am sure that will only garner you compliments of how good you look for having a 45 year old daughter :-).

For those of you that think I shouldn’t have used the title I did, there has been a running joke for years between my relatives, since we have all worked in or been around healthcare, that we all suffer from some dementia, namely the Alzheimer’s family, none of us have Alzheimer’s, we have at some times said we have or are suffering from quarter or half heimers, with the scientists claiming brain drain along with my age I figure I have finally graduated from the quarterheimers crew to the halfheimers crew.

I have a great group that I work with, I have a banner on my wall saying “Happy Birthday” and a couple of them came over singing to me, just had another sing to me and bring a muffin with a candle in it, last night my in-laws brought me a present of a new bracelet for my birthday present.

I can not comment, nor is this to belittle presents from my husband (SB), or Mom, or Son(AB) since I can not open their presents till I get home from work, I really hate those rules I really do, I have been waiting since November, Thanksgiving to be exact to open my Birthday present from my mom, which SB took out of the truck and has not let me even lift it since we brought it home, so that is not very nice you 2, I know you love it.

Now for that scientific study I would really like to know if those scientists are the same ones that said that our weather is the result of global warming, is that is the case, I am going to officially put myself back to the quarterheimers crew 🙂 cause I don’t believe those guys know what they are doing, really global warming?? I don’t think that explains the palm trees they found in the Arctic or Antarctica under the ice…. so when they can tell me differently without the made up stuff with flashy graphs, mind you I can come up with a flashy graph too, I am really pretty good with a computer, so yeah I don’t believe that so if they are the scientists that did this study let me know so I can downgrade my head status lol.

I can remember lots of things from growing up, I know the deathly age of no cell phones, neighbors telling your parents when you mis-behaved, and all the dangerous things like riding bikes without helmets, watching TV with such filth filled things like “the Walton’s” “beverly hillbillies” “green acres” “happy days” “Laverne & Shirley” “Bonanza” & “dukes of hazzard”.

I know those are all made up “families” and we had lots of others too, but they still hold a special place for me, and IMO I think if we had more “family” programming like some of those shows we would have at least a good portion of our young people not believing that video games and fox animation are any semblance of real life.

Don’t get me wrong I had the best New Years this year playing “super Mario” on the Wii, no bars, no crowds, just the 3 of us bouncing on each others heads and basically having a laughing good family time.

I think that is what I miss the most from my childhood, our society has gotten so used to instant everything that family time is ever decreasing, and the times that families spend together is relegated to 1-2 hours throughout the week and that is usually for dinner time only, then everyone has other things to do.

I have been lucky in many aspects I was raised to know who I am and where I fit into the cogs of our family, trust me our family wheel has more than a few cogs that are unique, and a few missing cogs too lol.

I know that the outside influences that are in my life are only there to help me learn that I am the greatest influence on my life, my parents gave birth to me, doesn’t mean I am either of them, they had their road and they have taught me that if I wanted to wear a “hair coat” of everything that has ever happened to me as “a oh-whoa is me” or pity party, that is where I would always be stuck.

Took some time but I learned that the pity pot is not where I wanted to live my life, and in respect to how my life compares to others, there is no comparison, my life is phenomenal pure and simple, beyond what I ever expected.

I have love in my life and appreciation for everything I have and everything I may receive.

To all who share my day, Happy Birthday to you, to those that are looking at the same brain drain, I have room on my halfhiemer wagon.

Happy New Year and may 2012 provide us the opportunity to accomplish great things and the appreciation to realize our dreams being fulfilled.


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